This machine is a kind of compact type liquid filling and sealing machine, it is suitable for small batch filling for different product and widely used for filling oral liquid, perfume, liquid , essential oil, olive oil, health care product etc in pharmaceutical, herbal, pesticide, cosmetic, food and supplement area.


This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of liquid of foods, medicine and chemicals,such as pesticide,shampoo,body foam bath lotion, facial cream, ingredient oil, fruit sauce,tomato ketchup and honey shower gel, skin lotion, toothpaste, cosmetic cream, fruit jam, edible oil, soy etc.

मुख्य विशेषताएं

1. The machine adopts PLC control and stepless altering frequency adjustment.
2. The machine can finish the following 6 working station automatically through the programmer, roller sheet release, PVC/PE forming, filling, press the batch number, back-end crop, slitting
3. The machine adopts the human-machine interface operation, operation is easy and simple
4. The filling head has no leakage, no foam and overflow.
5. The contact parts with the material adopt SUS316L, which completely confirms to the GMP standard.
6. The main pneumatic component and electric parts adopt well-known brand products.
7. Filling system adopts mechanical pump, measuring is precisely and the difference is small. We can also design different pump for different product with various kinds of flow-ability.
8. The machine can be connected with labeling machine to realize full production for filling sealing and labeling.


1) Be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, lot number automatically.
2) It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design (Photo electricity control system).
3) मशीन फिक्स स्टेपर मोटर नियंत्रक, इसका लाभ अन्य भागों को समायोजित करने के लिए सटीक, अनावश्यक है
4) Intelligent temperature control by temperature controller to make heat balance better. Use bilingual display screen control system and stainless steel cabinet
5) ठीक पैकेजिंग प्रदर्शन, कम शोर, स्पष्ट सील बनावट और मजबूत सील प्रदर्शन
6)With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operators hands
7) Need to change new temperature controller, blade& pressing mode only after 3 years continuous operation,2 shifts a day and other parts is still good and safe freely)
8) With printer (to be able to code the date and batch number) and rotating blade (be able to adjust the length of bag and shape of bag notch edge packing.

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