Stand up /doypack spout pouch form fill seal and packing machine

The machine can automatic finish bag forming doypack/stand up pouch filling, sealing with top spout or slant spout , (can make flat pouch with spout too ) easy tear notch making, print date, finished bag discharged. nitrogen flushing, unique bag shape ,hole and Round corner punching are optional.


1) PLC control , English and man-machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain .
2) Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor pull for precise bag width and position of film.
3) Versatile machine could make doy pack bag with zipper or spout , unique bag shape could be designed according to requirement .
4) Independent digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.
5) Easy and fast adjustment of change over, the machine has strength extensibility, could fill two or even more products into one bag by added filling device .
6) Smooth performance and low noise, perfect package appearance, Sensible safety device and no pollution during production to get Friendly working environment.

Safety and Hygiene standard:

1. No pouch/ incorrect pouch opening-no fill-no seal, the machine will alarm.
2. The machine will alarm and stop when there is inadequate air pressure.
3. Safety guards with safety-switches, the machine will alarm and stop when the safety guards are opened.
4. Hygienic construction, the product contact parts are adopted sus304 stainless steel.
5. Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to oil, no contamination.

Automatic Spout Pouch Filling and Capping Machine

Widely used for a variety of products, such as jelly, milk, butter, fruit juices, paste, chemical liquid, water and so on.
High reliability, convenient operation, wide applicability, high performance.
Import control elements, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Ormon, Siemens, making the system more stable and reliable.
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Working process

Pouch loading
Printing - printing machine required, optional feature
No pouch detection
Vacuum - optional feature
Filling - adopt with leak-proof nozzles
Nitrogen flushing - optional feature
Spout cleaning
Feeding and inserting cap
No cap detection
Transport - conveyor belt required, optional feature

More optional features

Caps feeder to feed caps to automatic
Whole machine made of stainless steel
Air clean system
Open dust cover door detector to keep production safe
CIP system fit
Conveyor belt to transport finished pouches
Printing machine to print date or lot numbers
Air compressor to supply compressed air for running
Stainless steel pump to feed product to automaic
More spare parts
Nitrogen generator to supply nitrogen

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